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  1. Who is NWCL?
  2. How to Contact NWCL? 
  3. How to Join a Club or Team?
  4. How to Register a Club or Team? 
  5. How many Formats?
  6. More to Come 

1.       Who is NWCL?

a.       NWCL is an organization in the North West region that operates and manages the sport of Cricket

b.      NWCL is a non-profit organization with the primary goal of promoting Cricket in the region

c.       NWCL is made of teams that are based in states of WA and OR

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2.       How to Contact NWCL?

a.       Email:

b.      Phone:

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3.       How to Join a Club or Team?

a.       Send an email to NWCL mgmt.

b.      Contact the club officers

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4.       How to Register a Club or Team?

a.       Contact NWCL mgmt. via email or phone

b.      Fill out Registration Form

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5.       How many Formats?

a.       Premier League (40 Overs)

b.      Twenty 20 (20 Overs)

c.       Women’s Cricket

d.      Kids Cricket

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6.       More to come

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